Who We Are?

YOUR PARTNER! Not the Biggest, the Best!

With the vision and strong portfolio, Stand by Saatci has gained many experience in fair stands field in many countries of the world since 2012. Stand by Saatci established in order to share theese experince with partners.  Especially with investments in Italy, Spain and Dubai, it has increased its growth momentum and aimed to further its position in the sector.

Our goal is not to be the biggest in the sector. Stand by Saatci aim provide the best service to our partners.

Xess Events - Partnership in U.A.E. Dubai - Abu Dhabi / QATAR - Doha / India - New Delhi
StandbySaatci & Xessevents joined forces in order to offer you a better service.

United Arab Emirates - Dubai - Abu Dhabi / Qatar - Doha / India - New Delhi - Chennai - Mumbai

We are at your service with our joint works in all your fair participation. All you have to do is to contact via e-mail or phones on our contact page.